Facilities available when 4WDing

Available Facilities

There ARE many picnic stops available along the way, some are tucked away with great views.

You are responsible For making yourself aware of any fire restrictions in place before you start your adventure. It is illegal to light a fire during periods of Total Fire Ban.

Most of these areas have picnic tables with bench seats as well as formed fire pits. Some of the fire pits are setup with hotplates and cooking hooks.Don’t rely on cooking facilities being available everywhere you go.Fires Throughout Victoria there are restrictions associated with barbeques and open fires. These restrictions are in force to reduce the risk of bushfires that could cause irreparable damage to flora and fauna as well as possible loss of life and property.If you are going to have a fire, please keep it as small as possible, just big enough to do your cooking.  Make sure you only use the designated fire pits for this purpose.In most cases firewood is not supplied, you will have to gather it from designated collection areas.  
Make sure you check the rules for firewood collection with local authorities. Once you have finished with your fire, please make sure it is fully extinguished before you leave the area (douse it with water).

Toilets encountered in the area range from normal flushing toilets through to enviro-cycle and pit toilets.  Most of them are located at or near various points of interest along the way.  It is a good idea to have your own roll of toilet paper available just in case local supplies have been used up.

We ask that you respect the fragile environment your adventures take you through, so please ensure anything you take in … you take out.Most picnic areas you will encounter do not have rubbish bins so local wildlife is not tempted to investigate, causing possible harm to themselves.Please dispose of your rubbish when you get to an area with proper rubbish disposal facilities.

NEVER wash yourself or cooking/eating gear in natural or man-made waterways – this will pollute them making them damaging to flora and fauna as well as humans that rely on them. Where water is in short supply, store your dirty gear and wash them when water is available. Always do your washing at least 100 m away from any waterway.

There are a variety of shops you will encounter on your travels, take the time to explore any town you venture into, talk to the locals, take in the history and atmosphere. Even the local pubs are worth the visit.Food shops will range from basically stocked general stores through to mini supermarkets.  Please take the opportunity to support these communities.