Four Wheel Driving Trips

Four Wheel Driving tips

if on doubt...then don't

  • Make sure you take regular stops during the day – use points of interest for your morning, lunch or afternoon breaks
  • Always keep the vehicle on the track, avoid driving over vegetated areas
  • Always drive according to the road and weather conditions
  • Drive within your limits and that of your vehicle – if you are in doubt then don’t, turn back or look for a safer alternative
  • Always expect another vehicle to be coming towards you when approaching a bend in the road
  • Make use of your vehicle’s park-brake whenever you stop and to assist with starting on slopes
  • Observe all road rules and signs
  • Travel outside the dust cloud of any vehicle in front of you
  • When reversing, make sure you check behind your vehicle or get someone outside the vehicle to help guide you

If in doubt … then don’t!