Fuel Requirements

fuel requirements


54km Diesel, LPG, Unleaded and Premium Unleaded


56km Diesel, LPG, Unleaded and Premium Unleaded


80km Diesel, LPG, Unleaded and Premium Unleaded

Fuel Requirements

As each vehicle is different we cannot tell you how much fuel your vehicle will use.  However, be aware that travelling on unsealed dirt roads and narrow tracks can use more fuel, maybe as much 30% more fuel. We recommend you have a full tank of fuel before leaving Bright or Omeo depending on which approach you are coming from and before heading off on any one of the trips outlined in this booklet. Please note there is no longer fuel available in Harrietville. Long range fuel tanks are also advisable. Fuel costs vary significantly in this area due to transport costs.  We suggest you fill up at every available opportunity, even if you only add a quarter a tank of fuel. This preventative measure will assist with having enough fuel to complete your journey.Most major credit cards are accepted at locations throughout the Victorian High Country; however EFTPOS should NOT be relied upon.  It is a good idea to always have cash handy just in case.

Important Note For Diesel Vehicles

If you are driving a diesel vehicle to ALPINE AREAS DURING COLD WEATHER we recommend an ALPINE DIESEL FUEL additive, available from garages. In very cold temperatures normal diesel waxes up and won’t move through the fuel system.Please ensure you check your owner/operator’s manual for instructions on alpine diesel and driving in alpine or cold areas.