Trek 5 - White Timber Spur, Red Carriage, Basalt Knob, Talbotville, Grant, Dargo

Trek 5 White Timber Spur

White timber spur, red carriage, basalt knob, talbotville, grant, dargo

Trek 5 - White Timber Spur


Start The General Store

Head North on the Great Alpine Road heading towards Harrietville and Bright.There are numerous lookouts along the way. (Toilets inside the 24H Transit Lounge - Mt Hotham Resort Management Office).

9.7 km Dargo High Plains Road on Left

Turn left onto Dargo High Plains Road.

17.5 km King Spur Track on Left

Stay on Dargo High Plains Road.OPTION – Turn left onto King Spur Track, keep left through clearing and travel 200 m to Lankey Plain Hut. Return to Dargo High Plains Rd. 

10.4 km Ritchie Road on Right

Little Woman’s Grave on left opposite road junction. Turn right onto Ritchie Road.(Photo Opportunity)

9.7 km Thirty Five Mile Creek Campsite

Stay on Ritchie Road.

11.7 km Whisky Bottle Flat Campsite

Stay on Ritchie Road

6.7 km Basalt Knob North Track Intersection

Turn left onto Basalt Knob Road. Visit the Red Train Carriage on left at intersection.(Photo opportunity).

6.4 km Wongungarra Track on Right

Stay on Basalt Knob Track.

9.9 km Brewery Creek Track on Right

Turn right onto Brewery Creek Track.

16.5 km Crooked River Crossing

Cross Crooked River and keep left.CAUTION – ALWAYS check water crossing for depth, flow and obstacles before proceeding.  If your are unsure, then turn around.

250 m Talbotville Camping Area

Explore the area. When you are ready return to Crooked River crossing (returning the way you arrived) and turn left onto Crooked River Track.

2.8 km Racecourse Track Junction

Keep left on Crooked River Track.

100 m Collingwood Spur Track on Left

Turn left onto Collingwood Spur Track.

6.4 km McMillan Road Intersection

Turn right onto McMillan Road.

1.6 km Grant Track on Left

Turn left onto Grant Track.

600 m Grant Historical Area Information

Explore the area. When you are ready, return to McMillan Road via the left fork in Grant Track. 

350 m McMillan Road Intersection

Turn left onto McMillan Road.

1.3 km Grant Cemetery on Left

Park where safe and explore the historic cemetery.  When you are ready, continue on McMillan Road.

3.9 km Dargo High Plains Road Intersection

Turn left onto Dargo High Plains Road.OPTION – Turn right to Dargo (16.7 km).(Fuel, food, shop and toilets)

53.0 km Great Alpine Road Intersection

Turn right to return to Mt Hotham.OPTION – Turn left to Harrietville (19 km) and Bright (45 km)

9.7 km The General Store Mt Hotham

This is the end of this journey! 

Road Conditions Dargo High Plains Road   
Unsealed road, typically well maintained with overtaking/passing opportunities, containing rough sections of corrugations and/or potholes.

Ritchie Road 
Formed dirt road with minimal overtaking/passing opportunities, containing sections of corrugations, uneven terrain, sharp turns/switchbacks, wash outs and potholes.

Basalt Knob Track 
Narrow track with minimal facility for overtaking/passing, containing ruts, water drainage mounds, uneven terrain, sharp turns, steep ascents and steep descents.

Brewery Creek Track 
Narrow track with some steep descents, sharp turns, water drainage mounds and uneven terrain.

Collingwood Spur Track 
Narrow track with steep ascents, water drainage mounds, uneven terrain and sharp turns.

McMillan Road 
Formed dirt road with reasonable overtaking/passing opportunities, containing sections of corrugations, uneven terrain, wash outs and potholes.

White Timber Spur 
A drive that is as diverse as many of the place names through which it passes, plus it has a few surprises.  Behind every name is a great story and this trek explores some of the history and terrain of the remarkable region.  From place names stemming from the gold mining era to more recent times of logging, (with a little evidence from a bygone railway era thrown in) this trek has a little something for everyone.  Drive the vastness of the Dargo High Plains, traverse challenging ridge-lines and ranges.  Descend into the Wongungarra and Crooked rivers where the mining past can be glimpsed through the place names and  ruins of these magnificent narrow valleys.