Vehicle Requirements

vehicle requirements

minimum type of vehiclerecommended for the trips

Based on the grade of the trip, ground clearance and track steepness, All Wheel Drives are minimum type of vehicle recommended for the trip.  However it does not provide for the skill level of the driver, if you are at all unsure, and then please discuss your adventure with us before heading off.As a guide, this is how we classify the difference between the two types of vehicles:

All Wheel Drive

All Wheel Drive vehicles are not suitable for most 4WD tracks. However a vehicle with reasonable ground clearance (more than that of a standard two-wheel drive sedan) and the ability for engine torque/power to be shared by the front and back axles can travel only on the easy graded tracks in this guide.

Four-Wheel Drive

A vehicle with very good ground clearance, ability to manually/automatically lock the front and rear axles together. 

Incorrect tyre pressures are the greatest source of tyre failure when travelling on gravel roads, we suggest the following tyre pressure:

 Reduce speed your speed when travelling on reduced tyre pressure.

Bitumen = Manufacturer’s specification
Refer to your vehicle’s tyre placard (typically around the driver’s door) or your vehicle’s handbookRemember any extra load inside or outside will change the handling characteristics of your vehicle.
Gravel = 22 to 30 psi
Reducing your tyre pressure will allow the tyres to distort slightly over rocks and soften the rideDo not reduce your tyre pressures too far if you do not have the ability to re-inflate them.
Even a small reduction of 10% in your highway tyre pressures can make a significant difference, for the better, to your vehicle’s ride and handling characteristics on unsealed roads.  You can still travel on sealed roads with this slight reduction in tyre pressure, with care!

You will be travelling on public access gazetted roads, so your roadside assistance service provider should be able to provide you with any support.  If you are unsure, give them a call and check before you set off.If you are using a hire vehicle, then check the fine print to make sure you are not going to void any part of your hire agreement.