Water Crossings

Water crossings

some of our adventures take you across creeks and rivers of varying depths


Check water crossings for depth, flow and obstacles before proceeding. if you are unsure, then turn around.


Than the centre of your vehicle’s wheels should not be crossed by inexperienced drivers.


Check with local authorities before you head off on your adventure. 

Before crossing water 

Make sure you allow time for the vehicle to cool – this reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle.

When travelling through water 

Keep an even slow pace, do not create a big breaking wave in front of the vehicle.

After crossing water 

Allow the water to drain from the underside of your vehicle and check the operation of your foot brake as your move off.

Weather will dramatically change dirt/gravel road/track conditions, so you will need to adjust your driving to suit the prevailing conditions. Always travel at a slow pace.