Cycling the Great Alpine Road

cycling The great alpine road

harrietville to mount hotham

Starting in the beautiful valley town of Harrietville, this ride takes you up one of the most stunning roads in Australia. The road winds through lush green areas, tall forests and majestic snowgums, then traverses the top of the mountain range, surrounded by vistas of endless mountain peaks and valleys.

The Great Alpine Road between Harrietville and Hotham passes local huts and ski lodges, providing a spectacular view of Mt Buffalo, Mt Feathertop and the high plains. The climb is quite steep in some areas and is not for the faint hearted. With some areas at a maximum grade of 18%, this ride is a true alpine challenge.  Be sure to stop at Icewater Creek on your way to Dinner Plain, to fill your drink bottles with mountain spring water.           

Evolving from the Dinner Plain Festival of Cycling and the Hotham Challenge Ride, the Audax Hotham Challenge is a new event which offers cyclists a series of three challenging mountain rides. These include a 200km ride from Dinner Plain to Mt Buffalo (featuring two climbs); a shorter 135km ride from Dinner Plain to Bright and back (one climb); and a third ride from Bright to Mt Buffalo.

Hotham to Harrietville

Distance - 28.0km

Information – Elevation drop from Hotham to Harrietville is approx. 1273m. There are steep downhills and difficult sections, which become long, tough climbs in the other direction. Excellent for advanced riders. 

Hotham to Dinner Plain

Distance - 16.1km

Information - Elevation drop from Hotham Heights to Dinner Plain is approx. 263m some undulating hills, easy to moderate riding. 

Hotham to Bright

Distance - 52.2km

Information – same as above, with an extra 25km from Harrietville to Bright, a couple of easy hills and enjoyable riding along the Great Alpine Road. 

Hotham to Omeo

Distance - 54.2km

Information – The elevation from Hotham to Omeo drops approx. 1098m mostly downhill from Dinner Plain onwards. On the return journey the steep hill ‘Mountain Maid’ is difficult but rewarding.