Brabralung Trail

Brabralung trail

easy to difficult - MULTI-PURPOSE - 12km one way

Brabralung Interpretive Trail

Easy to difficult this multi-purpose trail spans 12km from Mt Hotham to Dinner Plain. 
Walk, ride or run this wonderful trail that winds through the Alpine National Park linking Dinner Plain to Hotham resort. Look out for the native fauna and flora (spot the resident emus at JB Plain). This trail will take you through woodland to open scenic plains that gives the High Country its unique scenic vista views. There are numerous areas to rest and picnic along the way running parallel to the Great Alpine Road. A location not to miss is the old cattlemen’s post JB Hut where you can also camp overnight.

Brabralung Track Notes & Map

Walk, ride or run this ancient mountain pathway that runs parallel to the Great Alpine Road through the Alpine National Park, linking the Hotham resort to Dinner Plain. Learn of the past, understand the present and discover the future aspirations of the Aboriginal first peoples of the alps.