Track Notes

Bushwalker Code

Whilst bushwalking in the resort and surrounds walkers have a responsibility to protect and preserve the natural and cultural values of the landscape. Bushwalkers also have a responsibility for the safety of themselves, those in their care and for other bushwalkers. This guide is to help adequately prepare for a safe, responsible and enjoyable bushwalking experience.

Hotham & Dinner Plain Tracks & Trails

When the snow melts, the warmer weather promises spectacular colours from blooming wild flowers on display, breathtaking vista views, mountain bike riding, bush walking and an adventure playground. Connect with nature through the green season, take in the pure fresh alpine air and all that the High Country can offer.

Cobungra Ditch

The Cobungra Ditch Walking Track follows the course of an abandoned water race, a ruin from the gold mining era of the district. Literally carved through the steep mountain ranges and retained for much of its length by an impressive dry-stone wall, this engineering wonder once conveyed a stream of water 10.5km to the hydraulic sluicing operations of the Cobungra Gold Mining Company (GMCo.).

Huts Walk

Huts have played an important role in the European history of the Mt Hotham region. From the earliest crude buildings of the miners and cattle graziers, wayside shelters for early travellers and tourists and the important refuges for the pioneer skiers. The Huts Walk takes in three important huts, each which represent an important place in the history of Australia’s Alpine region.

Brabralung Trail

Mt Hotham to Dinner Plain Track. Walk, ride or run this ancient mountain pathway that runs parallel to the Great Alpine Road through the Alpine National Park, linking the Hotham resort to Dinner Plain. Learn of the past, understand the present and discover the future aspirations of the Aboriginal first peoples of the alps.