Hotham Alpine Trail Running

Alpine Trail Running

all tracks are open

Since the close of winter the Mt Hotham Track Crew have been busy at work preparing Hotham’s iconic tracks and trails for the summer bushwalking season which open last weekend.

All tracks and trails are open with the addition of several link tracks which provides greater versatility of routes for wakers.

Leading up to the Mile High Trail Running event later this month the Track Crew have been working hard on upgrading the Cobungra Ditch for the growing popularity of Trail running.  Track surfaces are been levelled and encroaching vegetation is being removed.  Other tasks at hand are the installation of steps and placement of more track marker posts.  Hotham is rapidly becoming a premier alpine bushwalking destination. 

The Cobungra Ditch is set to become one of the alpine regions premier historic trail running routes.  With runners able to keep fit for over 10km of level track at an elevation of just over 1500m.  Whilst taking in all that fresh air, runners will also be able to absorb some of the fascinating mining history of the Ditch.

Other options for trail runners using the Ditch will be able to link onto a number of other tracks, including the Hotham to Dinner Plain trail, giving access to nearly 30 kilometres of forested trails.

The Hotham track crew will be further upgrading the Ditch as well as the Huts Walk over the coming summer.  Should you meet them out on the tracks, they always carry a spare shove for runners who are still looking a little to ‘fresh’!

Download the Hotham & Dinner Plain Trails Guide to plan your own route.