Hotham's High Country Treks



Touring in Victoria's High Country

Congratulations on choosing to travel around Australia’s iconic Victorian High Country, we want your adventure in our backyard to be enjoyable.This booklet provides you with key information on points of interest and how to get there and back, we want to ensure your experience is safe.Please take a moment to read this as it could save you time, money and a lot of anxiety, we want to make your experience memorable.

What You Don't Need

As you are going to be travelling through the Alpine National Park, it is a condition of entry that you do NOT carry:

  • Firearms,
  • Chainsaws, or
  • Animals.

What You Do Need

  • Capable vehicle such as an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) or Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicle with low range – check each trip to see if your vehicle is suitable
  • Map of the area, do not rely on your in-car navigation system – we suggest the Hema High Country Victoria Map
  • Fuel for your vehicle (at least half a full tank) – see next page for Fuel Requirements
  • Food and drinks for the day – make sure you carry a bit extra just in case; especially water and energy food
  • Plastic bags for rubbish – you are responsible for the collection and correct disposal of your own rubbish
  • Suitable clothing – we suggest at least warm weatherproof jacket, long trousers, closed-in sturdy footwear, gloves, hat and sunscreen for all people in your vehicle
  • Camera – make sure your batteries are charged and you have plenty of room for photos
  • Air compressor – varying road conditions and terrain may require tyre pressure to be adjusted
  • First Aid Kit Extra water to extinguish camp fire
  • Sense of Adventure – take the time to wonder at what it would have been like in earlier years to travel this terrain without the comfort of your horseless carriage!