Hotham's High Country Trip Details

Hotham's High Country Trip details

each trip provides you with some key detailed information about your adventure

These trips have been put together with all possible care with times calculated for an average driver of average dirt road experience travelling at a safe speed for the road conditions in fair weather.

Total Distance

This is the total distance for each adventure excluding any optional extras.  Use this distance to help determine if you have enough fuel for the journey.Check your trip meter. The distances given in this booklet do not account for variations in individual vehicle odometer readings.  These variations could be as much as 10%, so please take this into consideration when calculating your distances.  We suggest resetting your vehicle’s trip meter at each location to keep this difference to a minimum.

Travel Time

This is the on road driving time in fair weather conditions, it does not include the time you may take to look around and enjoy the view or take in the atmosphere – that is up to you!

Optional Extras

Most of the adventures contain some options for your consideration.  To assist you with making the decision on whether to take the option or not, we have included distances and travel times.  These distances and times are either:

  • Return – to and from that particular point in your journey
  • One Way – from that particular point in your journey to the optional destination.


Each trip is graded in fair weather conditions using three descriptions:

  • Easy – contains sealed and unsealed roads
  • Medium – contains sealed, unsealed and formed dirt roads
  • Difficult – contains sealed, unsealed, formed dirt roads and narrow tracks

Read the section on Road Conditions below for more information about what to expect on each of these road types.In adverse weather conditions, consider each trip to be at least the next level of difficulty.

NOTE – ALWAYS check with local authorities before heading off on your adventure to be safe.


For each journey you will be travelling towards a town with a service station or general store that have fuel available.  Not all fuel types are available in these locations, so this will provide you with the location and a guide to   the types of fuel available.Please ensure you have a full tank of fuel before you travel up to the Hotham Village. Fill up in Bright or Omeo (depending on which approach you are travelling from) and please remember there is NO longer fuel available in Harrietville.